I am God’s Beloved

“When God calls us to gather, he has a gift for us.”

October 19 – 20 was a weekend of surprises, affirmation and empowering love. I came to the SFC National Conference in Singapore with an open heart for whatever the Lord will speak to me. I was able to attend the same conference last July before I leave for Malaysia but I was still excited to attend the conference knowing that the Lord will speak to me differently. True enough, he made me experience the conference as if it was my first time. My greatest realization is that, He is a very personal God. Let me tell you how the Lord expressed His sweetest love for me that weekend:

1. He emptied me from all my fears and doubts, all His messages from the talks speaks about His plans and assurance that He is the one taking control of my life and situation.

2. He affirmed me of my mission and calling. I came to KL trying to discover my purpose and mission. While trying to get the hang of the life in KL I am also trying to ask the Lord how I can be of help to SFC KL. He made me see a lot of things and the situation of the community, and during that conference, I spoke to one of the leaders in SFC whom I really wanted to speak with. From Him, my questions was answered and I became even more excited to be used by the Lord in KL. Fears and doubts no longer succumbs me, In my heart I know that I have surrendered everything and put my trust in Him as he commanded me to be a witness to Malaysia. I am confident that the Lord who loves me unconditionally will also allow me not to put limits on my loving.

3. All the people that I spent the weekend with, the whole SFC KL, SFC Singapore, Kuya Noli, Ate Iris, and my friend Jayson who welcomed us to his home manifested the love of God in the most perfect way.

4. When the program ended, I saw my favorite couple Tito Melo and Tita Nini Villaroman outside the venue and I even had a chance to have a small talk with them. They never fail to inspire me and the always exemplifies God’s love.

A lot of things had happened but still I can hear the Lord declaring, “Majane, You ain’t seen nothing yet”.


Destined for Greatness

I have always believe that everything happens for a reason, sounds cliché but this statement keeps me on track, compels me to remain hopeful and trust in the Lord at all time.

I celebrated my 26th birthday yesterday and the happiness in my heart still overflows. More than the celebration of life, I also celebrated a victory with my God. In my 26 years, I have experienced countless struggles, dealt with problems and was challenged. As I look back, I remember all the tears and pains I’ve gone through with a big smile on my face. The presence of my family and friends is God’s love, a love that strengthens me and inspires me to continue and enjoy this life’s journey.

When I entered my 25th last year, I have thought of Mid-life crisis, but I remember what a friend told me, “When there is Crisis that is where Christ is”. True enough, months before my 26th birthday, a lot of things happened; the Lord allowed me to experience so many things at the span of 12 months. My journey in finding and waiting for my God’s Gift and one true love finally ended when the Lord led me to Niki, he came so unexpectedly, truly a God’s gift and an expression of love. While being challenge at work and service to the community, the Lord gave me the privilege to be formed and trained to become a missionary through SFC Mission Volunteer Discernment Program, the journey transformed my heart and awakened all my desires to serve Him. Needless to say, all the teachings, sessions, retreats and training given to that program made me a better person and a loving daughter of God. When the program was about to finish, I made a major decision to accept an offer to work in another country. With the help of God everything is happening smoothly, I believe it is where God is calling me. I choose to fulfill my mission for my family while still serving the Lord in different area. My desire to work full-time for the Lord never ceases and I will prepare myself for the time that the Lord will lead me there.

I am now counting the days at my present company and in 3 weeks I’ll be starting a new life and journey in Malaysia. My only prayer is to continue growing in faith and believing that the Lord created me and destined me for GREATNESS. We all are, we just have to place our security in His loving arms.


I’ve changed my blog title from “I choose to wait” to “destined for greatness” because starting today I promise to dedicate my life seeing and witnessing the greatness of God in me. I’ll continue to share my story and experience in discovering more of His great plans.

I promise to write again…

It’s been months since the last time I wrote something on this page, been really busy with a lot of things these past months. Aside from being caught up with things to do, life is a bit overwhelming for me and I had a hard time choosing what to write about. 🙂 So from this day forward, I promise to write again.

Let me share to you how have I been:

My GG (God’s Gift / boyfriend) and I just celebrated our 3rd month of officially being together and each day I thank the Lord for him. We’ve gone through occasional misunderstandings like most couples and I really honor him for being open and patient with me. Before I become mushy and cheesy here, I’ll move on to another story. Haha

My journey as a Mission Volunteer aspirant for CFC Singles for Christ is about to finish this month, it has been one of the most remarkable training that I have gone through and my desire to become a full pledge Missionary of our community grown much in this program. The training molded me and taught me a lot of things, I am eternally grateful for the privilege of being in this MV discernment program (hopefully I’ll pass). Although I am moving to another area next month, my heart is ready to proclaim the greatness of God and serve Him wherever He will lead me.

In 9 days I’ll be celebrating my 26th birthday even when I don’t feel like 26 at all (I believe I don’t look like one either) hahaha! Looking back, the life that I have now is far from what I can imagine before. I am neither rich nor successful but I am contented and this brings a lot of fulfillment in me. I feel so blessed for having a loving family and friends, an opportunity to serve and capacity to love.

This month, God also answered my prayer differently in terms of my career. I recently pass an application to work in Malaysia and if my working visa application becomes successful, I’ll start a new job, a new life and new service in a different area next month. With all the anxiety and fear in me, God comforted me with this message from Him:

“You are strong and can deal with anything that life throws at you. Take a deep breath and be filled with the knowledge that you can deal with all things.”

I’ll keep that in my heart Lord; I believe you’ll help me get through this.

Dear friends, Please pray for me and with me.


I have received invitations and attended occasions and events in the past, but nothing is greater than the experience of being invited by the Lord on the 20th SFC International Conference last February 15-17. This is a late post but as cliché’ goes, “better late than never.”

8200 delegates from all over the world gathered to witness and proclaim the greatness of the Lord. The 20th SFC International Conference is over; all that’s left are memories of God’s awesomeness and generosity behind all the stories and talks that we heard on that conference. As for me, the fulfillment and joy that I felt while serving the Lord on that conference still lingers.

Let me tell you my experience of this great Invitation.

The feeling of excitement and anxiety battles in heart when I set my feet at the World Trade Center that Friday morning. While the Logistics are setting up, we practice the opening production on the side clueless about how we will place ourselves on the stage, we were excited but at the same time anxious if we will ever have time to rehearse on the stage as it is not yet done. Hours later, we were told that we will not be able to dance on the stage so we have to position ourselves down the stage. Praise God for giving as great choreographer in Donald, with the help of other choreographers Divine and JR, we change some of our blockings and practice the dance 2 hours before the gate opens. That moment, I was humbled; I know that the spirit of God led us to obedience. Our choreographers and my brothers and sisters on the Dance Min humbly accepted the changes; surely the Lord wants us to dance closer to the delegates, the people He invited to see His greatness and the magnificence of His works – including the talents that He blessed us with. Just in time for the people to enter, the stage, the lights, sounds and the chairs are all set up; we have been given a considerable amount of time to set up and practice. Minutes after, I saw the numbers of delegates coming in; more than 8000 delegates filled the place. That instance, I can’t help but thank the Lord for allowing me to witness and experience the miracle of setting up and preparing for that biggest event. I can hear Him whisper, “My child, you ain’t seen nothing yet”. Truly, the Lord is bigger than any challenges that we faced prior to the event, He is God and He will always work wonders through His people.

I joyfully dance for the Lord amidst the fear of forgetting the steps and the thought of dancing in front of 8200 people. The Lord comforted me and true enough, He is the only one I see behind the lights and gave it my best performance.

Our God is a really personal God, the conference kit looks like a wedding invitation (that’s my initial thought when I saw it). But, who’s wedding it is? My question has been answered during the first session entitled “Invitation”. God invited me to a wedding, to an eternal union with Him, to a constant and intimate exchange of love with Him. It was marriage between Jesus Christ and us – His church. Nothing can be sweeter than singing songs of love, praise, worship and adoration to the one who loves me the most. It was a heartwarming experience and it was just the first day of the conference. Wow!

The second day of the conference made me appreciate being a Christian and learned what it means to have a Catholic faith.  From the 1st workshop given by Bishop Bacani, I experienced how to profess the faith through Nicene Creed in a deeper sense, I have learned that faith is Believing, Trusting and Obeying. To have faith is to be Single Minded for God, to be a Singles for Christ. The 2nd workshop entitled “Witness” reminded us of the metaphors that Jesus used on the Sermon on the Mount, we are called to be like Salt, however so many Christians today has lost its taste thus we are reminded to go back to the cross and go back to Christ. On the evening session, powerful talks about being Empty and Transformation was given by Kuya Rob Escano and Tito Melo Villaroman. Kuya Rob defined emptiness as the space between the heart of God and our own hearts thus being empty allows us to choose God again and fill the emptiness with God and His Love. That session affirmed me of how God can satisfy my deepest longings and desires; I just need to choose Him every minute. Tito Melo’s discussion about Transformation hit me when he mentioned what Father Robert Barron once said, “We try to satisfy the hunger for God with something less than God.” We feel empty because we ran away from the main source of love which is God himself. “Do whatever He tells you”, this is what Mama Mary told the servants before Jesus transform the water into wine and this is also the same tip that she tells us. There are examples of miracles and transformations that have been preceded by obedience, Tito Melo said. Obedience is the key to Transformation, this I know is something that I should bear in heart and mind. I must be thankful to the people who have been an instrument of God’s transforming love in my life, my family and my brothers and sisters in this community. To cap the night, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle celebrated the Eucharist and reminded us to be close to God and choose the path of the cross though it’s hard and not resort to any short-cuts. He mentioned that even the devil can present reasonable plan but if our hearts and minds are one with God, we will not be easily swayed. What a beautiful way to end the night with the highest form of worship.

The last day of the conference allowed us to declare that indeed we are all WITNESSES. Bro. Shok Arriola challenged us to be a Witness of God and shared 3 things to become a witness, which are Invitation, Response and Effect. At this point we are all reminded of how God invited us to a relationship and service with Him, how we responded certainly affected the life that we live and of the people around us. The memories of my own journey when I said YES to him came into mind, there are hardships but there are countless joys. If I go back to my first experience of his invitation, I would likely to say Yes again because I believe that it is nothing but the best. As Kuya Shok said, “Every Yes is challenging but the Lord will bless us a thousand times more”. So if you are experiencing hardship, just keep going!

This ICON is indeed special and really personal to me. I thank the Lord for the privilege of being invited to this event, not just to attend but to also offer my talent and service to Him. To all the brothers and sisters in SFC Dance Min, I have found a new family and I really honor each and everyone in the group for the untiring effort to master the dance especially to our choreographers who had been really patient with us. To the Exhibit Team, especially to our heads Kuya Jep and Ate Niña who both understand whenever I miss our meetings because of dance practice, I honor everyone for being so patient and optimistic despite the technical problems that we had encounter. Thank you to the foreign delegates (FTW trainees) for serving with us joyfully in the team and to my MV Aspirants family (King, AJ, Joy and Ate Cel). Thank you to my Household (upper, lower and former), my BFsGFs barkada and my SFC WestB1A family for sharing this awesome experience with me. Praise God and See you all again next year in CDO!!!!



Moved by LOVE

We only have 3 days before the 20th SFC ICON and it means that we only have 3 more days to rehearse the opening production for this event.

As part of the Dance Ministry, I have spent my time and energy for the practices these past weeks. It takes a lot of patience to learn and memorize the steps; I have to endure body pains and bruises. But every practice reminds me of the sacrifice Jesus made for all of us; the pain that He himself endure is far greater than my body pain. I rejoice on the privilege of serving the Lord on this conference, His glory worth all the pains and sleepless nights.

Last Saturday night we had a Recollection and the message of God for me is this:

I love you and I blessed you with talents and abilities.

God called me to serve in this ICON because he gave me the ability to do so. I continue to dance for Him regardless of the body pains and tiredness I experience. I choose to serve the Lord in every move and every rhythm knowing that God believes in me. As mentioned by Father Benedict during the recollection, God doesn’t call the ungifted for the mission. He blessed me with the talents and abilities to serve him. I will feel tired as I am now but I will never quit because I know that God who blessed with this talent will also give me enough strength to go on. This mission is from Him and for Him so I will dance joyfully and confidently.

I am fully convinced how He loves each one of us, His love that I felt compels me to dance or even do things beyond my limitations. I am excited to dance on the ICON and to experience His love for me and to the SFC Community. Here I am Lord, Send Me.

From Row FOUR to FOREVER….

All of us came from the same cluster in Singles for Christ; we have different stories on how the Lord brought us to SFC WestB1 but our individual story led us to each other.

Our friendship started when most of us serve in Cornerstone, we gathered every week sharing the same passion of providing reading tutorials to the kids from San Francisco Elementary School. We spent time with each other even after tutorials thus started to develop a really strong bond as we know more about each other.

That special bond was even strengthened by the Movie Dates, Mission Trips (the most remarkable is our Mission Trip in CDO/Iligan last January 2011), Workshop(s) – ITouch, SFC Conferences (Cebu sidetrip before the bohol icon last year), Countless Hangouts and Dinners (Ayala Triangle, Trinoma, Parvati, Raizza’s place, Rea’s place, Shakey’s etc.), Birthday Celebrations and Random Kwentuhans.

Looking back, we never thought that this friendship will lead us into more personal and special relationship with each other. We now have three lovely couples in the barkada, Anne & Lloyd, Grace  & Gio and the newest lovebirds Jayvin & Rein, truly their relationship is a product of a beautiful friendship.

Now that our friendship turns a year older, our family has grown bigger and a lot happier. Thank you BFs Tristan, Lloyd, Gio, Jayvin and GFs Raizza, Rein, Rea, Tere, Grace, Anne, Micole and Jhing for the beautiful friendship, you guys are like real brothers and sisters to me and I thank the Lord for that. You are one of the best gifts God has given me 🙂

Cheers to all the happy moments, unlimited laughter, bullying, food trip and random stories we shared whenever we are together!

Cheers to the future memories and to forever 🙂

Happy Anniversary my dear BFsGFs Barkada 🙂

BFsGFs in Missions, Bondings and Conferences with LOVE :)

BFsGFs in Missions, Bondings and Conferences with LOVE 🙂

I love you to the moon and back!



Solo Dios Basta

I went to Edsa Shrine last night to attend the Holy Mass, It was only 6:30PM when I arrive and I think they’re having a prayer vigil so I decided to just sit at the back and listen to the choir. As I was reflecting, they sang a beautiful song with a heartwarming message that brought me to tears. I felt God and it’s as if He is singing this song to me:

“Huwag maligalig,
huwag kang matakot,
Siya na taglay
ang Diyos ‘di magkukulang.
Huwag maligalig,
huwag kang matakot.
Sapat na ang Diyos”

“Nothing can trouble,
nothing can frighten,
those who seek God,
shall never go wanting.
Nothing can trouble,
nothing can frighten,
God alone fills us!”

My heart is filled with anxieties when I left our office and that instance God assured me that He is bigger than my fears and worries.

Solo Dios Basta. God alone is enough.

A lot of things fill my cup these past few days and what really bothers me are my responsibilities at work, in my family, my service and even in my relationship with the people around me. I think too much and probably the reason why I got sick last weekend.

Those who seek (and Find) God, shall never go wanting. What a great reminder from the Lord. While it is true that I have issues and problems in some of the aspects of my life, the truth about God’s power and magnificence above all our trials is even greater.

There are so many things that I have to act upon and responsibilities that I must fulfill, but for now, I will allow God to accomplish His purpose in me first.

Everything will fall into its proper place in His time and in His guidance.


Dancing for the Lord

Last weekend, I had the privilege to dance for the Lord at the CFC Leaders Conference held in Araneta Coliseum. The theme of our community this year “Obey and Witness” is inspired by the Wedding at Cana found on the 2nd chapter in the book of John. We had a mini-musical narrating the story of Jesus’s first miracle at the Wedding in Cana. The anchor verse “Do whatever He tells you”, resonates even after all the practices that we had and our performance last Saturday. What a way to start the year being reminded by the fruits of Obedience and trust in the Lord. Portraying the role as one of the jar dancers, I am carrying a really heavy pot jar all the way through, I’m not really a good lifter considering my body built but I believe the Lord filled us with all the strength that we need that time. My body still aches now, however the joy in my heart because of that remarkable experience is even greater than any muscle pains.

Dancing for the Lord <3

Dancing for the Lord ❤ (credits to: Ruel Tenerife) 


My response to God’s call of serving in that conference paves the way to an even greater blessing. He who blessed me with talent allowed me to use it for the glory of His name. I, witness a miracle same as the people at the wedding at Cana. The miracle of God’s work and His love for His people is what I witness upon seeing how Araneta Coliseum was filled by God’s faithful people from Couples for Christ. As I quote Tito Melo Villaroman on his talk, “CFC is a work of the Lord”. Who wouldn’t feel blessed to become part of this community right?

The Lord, our Father is concern in all aspects of our life.

The story of the Wedding at Cana depicts this truth, like how he allow Jesus Christ performed his first miracle to help the couple on a hardly life or death situation, the Lord will also work wonders in our daily life situations. Probably even in the small and seemingly insignificant aspects of our life.

Our obedience to the Lord will allow us to be a witness and testify to God’s great love and power; I now move forward with greater faith and trust in the Lord. May the Lord continue to use me for His greater glory.

The best is yet to come – a pre-ICON experience

In less than a month we will be having the most anticipated gathering of CFC Singles for Christ, the 20th SFC International Conference (ICON) will happen in Metro Manila this coming February 15-17,2013. We will enter yet another milestone in the history of SFC, 20 years of God’s faithfulness and generosity.

This year’s conference theme “Obey and Witness” is inspired by the theme of Couples for Christ, with the anchor verse taken from John 2:5 “Do whatever He tells you”.

Photos from ww.sfcglobal.org

Photos from ww.sfcglobal.org

In 2003 I became a CFC Youth for Christ member and YFC celebrated its 10th year anniversary then, I never thought that I’ll make it to SFC after 10 years and in God’s grace I still have that same passion and maybe even greater than that of 3 years ago (i joined SFC in 2009).

While anticipating the conference, I looked back to my past awesome ICON experience.

I attended my first SFC ICON back in 2011, it was held in Camarines Sur(my hometown).

@ 18 SFC ICON with SFC EastB brothers (friends from YFC).

@ 18th SFC ICON with SFC EastB brothers (friends from YFC).

SFC West B1A @18th SFC ICON (I Stand) in Cam Sur

SFC West B1A @18th SFC ICON (I Stand) in Cam Sur

SFC West B1A @18th SFC ICON (I Stand) in Cam Sur

SFC West B1A @18th SFC ICON (I Stand) in Cam Sur

My 2nd SFC ICON experience was in Bohol. It was held last year and what made that experience different and extra special is having my household members with me 🙂

@ 19th SFC ICON in Bohol declaring God's Greatness..

@ 19th SFC ICON in Bohol declaring God’s Greatness..

@ the accomodation with my babies Kayie and May plus Nay Sha, our chapter leader :)

@ the accomodation with my babies Kayie and May plus Nay Sha, our chapter leader 🙂

SFC WestB1A Proclaiming God's Greatness :)

SFC WestB1A Proclaiming God’s Greatness 🙂

It will be my third time to attend an SFC ICON; I am very much excited on how God will speak to all of us. I’m sure His presence will even be greater this year and we will be experiencing a greater love from Him.


I find it amazing how fast this 1st week ends, then I realized, I started working last Wednesday and that explains all this “I can’t believe it’s already Friday” statement.

Ending my 1st work week with only 2 endorsement for our client is a bit disappointing for me, it seems like everybody are still on holiday mode. I need to bounce back next week to reach my quota for this month.

Last night I had a meeting with my 2 dedicated and equally passionate SFC sisters for CFC Cornerstone. It’s the first week of the year and truly the best time for us to plan on how we can utilize the online presence of the program, our aim is to inspire people and invite them to share with us the joy in bringing the Love of Christ to the public schools. I am really excited to hear and learn from the stories of people who volunteer on this work of love called Cornerstone.

On a personal note, the best thing about Fridays is realizing that I am a day closer to one of my favorite day of the week which is Saturday. Saturdays are dedicated to my Cornerstone Service at Diosdado Macapagal Elementary School, together with my service Partner Rocky and other volunteers from SFC West B1, we conduct reading tutorials and values formation to the selected Grade 2 and Grade 3 students of that school. I haven’t seen the kids and volunteers for 3 weeks now so I am really excited to see them again.

I am anticipating the weekend with so much excitement and overflowing love in my heart.

Let me end this post by sharing this photo with Cornerstone Team and Students of Diosdado Macapagal Elementary School.

Diosdado Macapagal Elementary School 2012 - 2013Photo Credits to Carl Castillo

Diosdado Macapagal Elementary School 2012 – 2013
Photo Credits to Carl Castillo

Cheers to a lovely weekend ahead of us!