Dear One,

There’s a road I wish I had not taken before and I know that somehow it drifted me away from you.

I am writing this letter to apologize for being so careless lately. Fear succumbed me when I felt the danger of being on that road again. I never wish to fail you because I know how you deserve the very best of me.

I am putting my defenses and guarding my heart for you, I hope that this road I am traveling now will really lead me to you.

Please be patient with me. I pray that the Lord grant me patient too.

Till that very day!


With Love,


Thinking of you…..


Here’s another letter that I wrote for my future husband last night! Again, I know this is cheesy but here it is 🙂

Dear One,

You suddenly came into my mind tonight. I can’t think of any other reason than this: You are thinking of me too. 🙂

I asked the Lord to take care of you tonight. I don’t know where you are, what you are up to and what exactly you are doing. What I am hoping for is that you are free from harm and any temptations tonight.

These past days, my longing for you keeps getting stronger. I can’t keep myself from being excited whenever the thought of meeting you someday comes to my mind. I am now battling the urge to rush and mistaken other guys as you. I hope my prayers will lead me to you. Please protect yourself and your heart for me – for us.

Until then!

Love and Prayers,


Just so you know, I am waiting for you…


Note: This letter was originally posted March 07, 2012 on my other site (majolores.blogspot.com). I know this is cheesy but here it is…..

Dear One,

I am wondering what you are doing right now and I am not even sure if you know that I exist. We may have been separated by time, distance or priorities but I believe that someday we will meet. I am not sure how or when but I know that it will be worth the wait. I am in constant search for you in every christian brother that I meet and there are times that I have mistaken them as you. You know what I am hoping now? That somehow in your busy life, you think of me too; you protect yourself for me and you wait for God to reveal us to each other.

There’s this one brother that I met last year, I was inspired by his passion for his service and mission as a Christian. He has most of the qualities that I would want you to have – responsible, loving, nurturing, God-fearing and family oriented. I love having him around, I am comfortable spending time with him and I am enjoying my friendship with him. But you know what? I love the happiness and inspiration i felt seeing him around, I am just not sure whether I should trust my feelings. Only God knows when is the right time for us to meet and I am trusting Him – that’s better.

From this, you will know how excited I am to meet you. I am still preparing myself for that special day. I just want to become the best for you that’s why I am taking my time. Please be patient too. Till that very day, see you soon.




I’ve decided to post it here just to share how sweet it is to wait for you..aside from that Christian brother that I mentioned, God made me realized that it is possible for me to find you whenever i see brothers who are striving to make their life better for their future partners.