Destined for Greatness

I have always believe that everything happens for a reason, sounds cliché but this statement keeps me on track, compels me to remain hopeful and trust in the Lord at all time.

I celebrated my 26th birthday yesterday and the happiness in my heart still overflows. More than the celebration of life, I also celebrated a victory with my God. In my 26 years, I have experienced countless struggles, dealt with problems and was challenged. As I look back, I remember all the tears and pains I’ve gone through with a big smile on my face. The presence of my family and friends is God’s love, a love that strengthens me and inspires me to continue and enjoy this life’s journey.

When I entered my 25th last year, I have thought of Mid-life crisis, but I remember what a friend told me, “When there is Crisis that is where Christ is”. True enough, months before my 26th birthday, a lot of things happened; the Lord allowed me to experience so many things at the span of 12 months. My journey in finding and waiting for my God’s Gift and one true love finally ended when the Lord led me to Niki, he came so unexpectedly, truly a God’s gift and an expression of love. While being challenge at work and service to the community, the Lord gave me the privilege to be formed and trained to become a missionary through SFC Mission Volunteer Discernment Program, the journey transformed my heart and awakened all my desires to serve Him. Needless to say, all the teachings, sessions, retreats and training given to that program made me a better person and a loving daughter of God. When the program was about to finish, I made a major decision to accept an offer to work in another country. With the help of God everything is happening smoothly, I believe it is where God is calling me. I choose to fulfill my mission for my family while still serving the Lord in different area. My desire to work full-time for the Lord never ceases and I will prepare myself for the time that the Lord will lead me there.

I am now counting the days at my present company and in 3 weeks I’ll be starting a new life and journey in Malaysia. My only prayer is to continue growing in faith and believing that the Lord created me and destined me for GREATNESS. We all are, we just have to place our security in His loving arms.


I’ve changed my blog title from “I choose to wait” to “destined for greatness” because starting today I promise to dedicate my life seeing and witnessing the greatness of God in me. I’ll continue to share my story and experience in discovering more of His great plans.

Quarter Life (Celebrating my 25th Bday)

Welcoming my 25th birthday is an overwhelming experience. God generously gave me more than what I prayed for. No matter how much challenges I encountered these past days, at the end of the road, God reminded me that I have all the reason to smile.

Life is still a mystery, analyzing and finding reasons in everything that happens is somehow pointless. I pondered on this thought this past days and I learned how to let go and just enjoy my journey in this life. It was never a perfect ride but beautiful and remarkable at its own sense.

25 years ago, I was born in a very simple place in Naga City. My family is living a simple life, My mom is a Social Worker and I acquired from her the passion to help and volunteer whenever needed. Me and my siblings spent our childhood playing in the farm and helping our parents planting vegetables, corn etc. Aside from being a farmer, Papa also work for an electric company in Naga City. Life is so simple back then, we plant what we eat and we can swim in the river whenever we want to.

On my 25th birthday, God gave me a chance to go back to this place with my family. We spent the whole day in the river and reminisce old times with our neighbors 16 years ago (I was 9 when we moved to Manila).

Before my Birthday, my brother and our childhood friend Lenie got married and by the grace of God the wedding was successful.

Our whole family supported my brother and I am grateful to God for bringing me into this family. I am the only single among my siblings now but I am happy and fulfilled because I know I will get the same support from them when I finally meet my man (haha!)

My family went back to Manila a day before my scheduled flight ( I don’t want to travel by land for some reasons). Since, I still have 24 hours to stay in Naga, me and my childhood friend Camille (she was my first ever friend) went to CamSur Watersports Complex. We walk along the man made beach, watch sports enthusiast on wakeboarding, and reminisced our childhood dreams and experiences. We realized that the life that we have right now is far from what we used to imagine before. God is indeed a God of surprises. We may not have everything that we asked for, still God blessed us with the things that we need. We cannot deny the fact that we are blessed.

After CWC, we went to a simple mall in Naga and I waited for my cousin to pick me up. I stayed with them overnight and played with her kids. Early morning she accompanied me to the Carmelite Monastery. It’s a good place to reflect, pray and discern.

I love the solitude that I found on that place. If I don’t have a scheduled flight, I would likely chose to stay at the Monastery. Somehow I was reminded by my secret dream. Haha!

Anyway, I stayed there for an hour and headed to the Airport for my 10AM flight. I left Naga with so much joy and kilig! 🙂

My first flight alone was a bit uncomfortable. There was a turbulence and I am sitting alone so I just close my eyes and pray. When I opened my eyes I am already in Manila and saw this view:

This view made me realize how Great God is. He blessed all of us with a gift called life. This signifies how many people are still alive and I am grateful to be one.

Upon arrival I went to Luneta to celebrate the 31st Anniversary of CFC Community. I’ve been in this community for 12 years now and I am constantly amazed on how God gathered all these people to unite and serve in this community. I am forever grateful to my parents because they joined Couples for Christ in 2001.

I cannot imagine my life outside this community. I know that in the future I would still be celebrating CFC Anniversaries with my brother husband and our kids (I’m excited for that)

My brother’s and sister’s in CFC Singles for Christ prepared something for me and it made my birthday extra special. Undoubtedly, God loves me so much. Iba talaga maging paboritong anak ng Diyos!

This community blessed me with this beautiful sisters who I can count on and I can share my joys and sorrows.

I have a household who I love and loves me unconditionally.

The celebration ended at home, my mom cooked something and some of my SFC bro’s and sis’s joined us.

Every greetings, acts of service, songs that made me smile, jokes and presence of the people I love are priceless. Truly my 25th bday is a remarkable experience.


Twenty Five

June has always been my most awaited month, it often leads me to reflect and be thankful for my existence. I am now counting the days as I will be celebrating my 25th birthday before this month ends.

As that day draws nearer, I am grateful thinking of how I was able to live my life and survived a quarter. I actually asked my mom if she appreciates having me for more than 24 years as of date (haha!).  Looking back, I see nothing but awesomeness and generosity of God in my life, I am thankful for the chances that he has given me and the people that he blessed me with.

25 years of unexplainable journey, periods of ups and downs, of friendships, service and love, of joy and of sorrows – it was an amazing experience.  It may sound cliché but I would likely choose this life again, given another chance. Even the mistakes and wrong choices that I have made contributed to the life that I am living and enjoying now.

Life throws a lot of challenges and struggles to me these past weeks, I considered it as a test to my maturity and strength as a person. Through the years, I learned how to truly live a positive life and it is something that I owe to God and to the people who inspired me to be one. My faith teaches me how to remain strong and hopeful amidst grueling situations, I will never trust my feelings when it pushes me to give up for I know I have a mighty God.

As I came to face yet another chapter of this exciting life, I recognize all my fears and doubts. My prayer to God is that, He will bless me with enough strength to surpass whatever problems I might encounter. The same strength and faith that He blessed me with for the past 25 years are the best weapons I could ever think of. As I enter into midlife transition, I don’t know if I will still have another quarter to live and, maybe life is more than halfway over. I just hope that I will never experience the “quarter life crisis” that some people of my age are experiencing or at least do not dwell on it. I put my hope on finding Christ in every trying situation that I may have, as someone told me before, “In every crisis that’s where CHRIST IS.”

I am welcoming my 25th Birthday with these truths:

  1. I am blessed and loved by God who never changes His mind.
  2. God is a God of hopes and promises so I’ll wait as He unfolds his plans for me.
  3. I am still single and all my siblings are married now but I am not alone because I have my parents with me.
  4. I am surrounded by wonderful and loving people.
  5. I am destined for greatness.

With these truths, I have all the reasons to celebrate and respond to God’s call to love.


 I just celebrated my birthday and still I am in awe of the greatness and goodness of God for the past 24 years. At 24, I am gainfully employed and blessed with loving and supporting family and friends. I can’t say that I have everything that every woman could ask yet I am happy and definitely contented.

Days and years passed and I know it was not a perfect ride. I have my own share of shortcomings, failures, bad habits and struggles. Despite all that, I am looking forward to the time when no stains of past sins, bad habits or even guilt will be felt. My imperfections and mistakes may have hurt others but it is then that I learned the value of humility and repentance. Every painful experience that I had left a meaningful mark and made me what I am right now. Every mistake that I committed taught me a lot of lessons. That being said, I will not regret any single moment of my life. It is through mistakes that I learn how to make things right; It is through pains and sufferings that I learned to be strong; it is by being hurt that I learned to love.

I am now traveling on the road to perfection; I am far from the end and wasn’t even close but what made my journey wonderful is because of Jesus who encountered me and is journeying with me. I love how He entered into my sins and how He embraced me every single moment that I fall down. In this journey, I have Jesus and I have God who even manifested himself in the CFC community where I am right now. With my family and my brother’s and sister’s in YFC / SFC I would be able to move forward.

I never imagined a life as happy and as meaningful as this. I thank God for allowing me to be born in this world and to be raised by my parents. Everything that I am is because of God and because of my parents who accepted the call of being the stewards of God while I am in this world. There are no accidents, I am perfectly in place.