Quo Vadis?

Half of the year is almost over. Recently I have been reflecting on how I lived my life these past months. After the hardship I experienced at the beginning of the year, my journey on the succeeding months was challenging. I believe having a heart broken and being called to move forward has always been part of becoming a better version of yourself. The experience made me remember a lot of my prayers in the past. It is a good reminder of who and where i should be. It was tough, choosing to move on from something that you want simply because fighting for it is not what the situation requires. It’s denying yourself of what you want and accepting that some things are not meant to be no matter how much you would want it. Holding on to God’s beautiful promise of love helped me a lot. It was tough but it was meant to happen, and I am grateful that God’s grace was ever present, that is more than enough reason for gratitude. The past months was nothing but colorful. I made good relationship with new friends whom I consider a family; strengthened bonds with people who are important to me, I discovered more of myself and what else I am capable of. I went for mission, traveled, go out with friends, enjoy and most importantly learned a lot. It was a good 6 months of fun, freedom and discovery. True to His promises, the Lord made me experience far better things.

So now the question is, “what’s next”. It is the same question I have been asking myself when this month started. In knowing that I am turning a year older at the end of this month, I have been in constant reflection on what He really planned for me this year. With all the wonderful people and experiences He made me go through (both good and bad), I am adamant that He is not finish yet. I know the best is yet to come.

Last weekend the Lord affirmed me and asked me the same question at the Holy Mass. The Bishop began his homily by asking this question. “Quo Vadis?” or “Where are you going”? The question comes with both reminder and a promise. A reminder to be rooted with God, to seek Him in everything that you do and wherever you go; a reminder to prioritize Him and follow Him more than anything else. After each experiences of accomplishments or milestones, do we get satisfied with the status quo or we move forward? Do we seek Him or we aim more success? Whenever we experience setbacks how are we willing to move on? How are we willing to move forward, how much are we willing to let go? So much of questions are running in my head, the homily led me to reflect on what the Lord wants us to do.The Lord never wants us to hold back, He desires us to keep moving forward. That reminder to let go of the things or people that doesn’t lead us to light comes with a promise of clarity and genuine happiness. However, if we cannot move forward yet, just be firm, stay where you are but never ever go back. I still don’t know what the future holds but I know there’s no other place I would rather be but under the grace and protection of God. I can see that I couldn’t stay longer than my current state, I have to let go of some things, I need to keep moving forward. I’m getting there, slowly getting back on track of where I am supposed to go.

Looking back but not going back. Looking back to be reminded of where to go and where I should be. It has been an amazing 6 months, it was not easy but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Looking forward to another amazing months and more.


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